New iMacs @ Team Digital

Now the new Apple iMac is available to order in Australia. Both the 21.5″ and 27″ versions can be ordered through Team Digital in either standard or custom build configurations.

Breakthrough Storage
The new iMac sports a Fusion drive.  Fusion drive is the combination of a solid-state drive and traditional hard drive to create a high performance drive with most of the
performance of solid-state with the cost-effective capacity of a hard drive. While physically the fusion drive is two drives, your ‘fusion’ disk will appear as one volume on your desktop taking all the hard work out of managing your storage for ideal performance. So with a fusion drive you can have plenty of storage space and still enjoy good storage performance.

If you need the ultimate in storage speed you can custom build the 27″ iMac with a
768GB Solid State drive to really break speed limits.

All new iMacs now allow you to get awesome external storage speed as every model includes two Thunderbolt ports.  Which will transfer data at up to twelve times older forms of external storage (like Firewire and USB).

Thin is In
Following the latest trend in televisions the new iMac redefines slimline.  With an edge of only 5mm and a volume slim down by up to 40% less than the previous model both new iMacs are slim and trim.

Graphics up to 60 per cent faster graphics performance than the previous generation.
However, if you are after ultimate graphics performance the high-end 27″ iMac is the model of choice.

The 27″ iMac (2560-by-1440 resolution),  boasts four user-accessible SO-DIMM slots so it can be configured up to 32GB RAM.

If you opt for the 21.5″ (1920-by-1080 resolution) no the other hand you’ll want to make sure you have the right amount of RAM when you order as the RAM is not user upgradable.

Neither iMac comes equipped with an inbuilt optical drive.  If you need access to CD or DVD then you might like to share an existing drive (using ‘Remote Disk’) or get an external USB Superdrive.

While it’s a bit late to get your iMac for Christmas, why not spoil yourself and start your 2013 with a new fast iMac? Prices start from $ 1429.00
Talk to one of your Apple experts to get a configuration that will work for you.