Photoshop for Beginners Weekend Course

Starting on the 2nd February we have our Photoshop for Photographers-Beginners

They run from 9.30am to 3.00pm for three consecutive weeks.

Participants will: use basic tools and commands within Photoshop to enhance and retouch photographs. They will demonstrate an understanding of digital technology; manage files and folders with the Bridge;straighten and crop images. They’ll enhance the tone, contrast, colour cast, and saturation of an image; make selections using a variety of tools. They will add then edit text and utilise effects; retouch photographs; use the Toning tools; save images optimised for emailing; and sharpen printing.

Adobe® Photoshop CS5 (v12) will be used in class, but the content is also suited to users of CS3 (v10) and CS4 (v11). It is much less applicable to earlier versions of the software.

Cost is $ 395.00 inc gst

Contact us direct on 9328 3377 or email training at for details or to enrol.