Phase One IQ2 Backs

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to get further information on the new IQ2 series of Phase One backs.

At this time we not only got an in depth insight as to the new back, we got access to some files taken with 2 of the 3 new backs. Team Digital now have some sample files shot with the IQ260 and the IQ260 Achromatic. All with a ground breaking 13 stops of dynamic range, we’ve got to say its amazing to see what a extra ½ stop will do.

We now have the ability to shoot long exposures up to 1 hour , this opens up all sorts of opportunity.   On the IQ260 with 13 stops of dynamic range. This coupled with the rest of the Phase One system and Capture One 7 software, leads to files that are extraordinary. The IQ260 offers up 60MP of data resulting in a 173MB 8 bit TIF or 346MB 16 bit TIF files.

The IQ260 Achromatic also offers us 60MP of data only in this instance, it is Monochrome only, with results that are astounding. We still have 13 stops of dynamic range in a dedicated black and white capture device.

As an 8 Bit TIF the resulting file is sized at 172MB and as a 16 Bit TIF the file equates to 344MB. The results are mind blowing.

The whole of the IQ2 range now have the ability to tether wirelessly to iPads or iPhones via Capture Pilot, a Phase One created APP is available now from the APP Store. Not only do you have the ability to look at captures as they are taken, with magnification capabilities for a closer look at your details, you can also shoot from the remote device. Perfect for studio shoots and so much more.

If you’d like to take a closer look at these amazing sample files, please do not hesitate to contact Trevor at Team Digital. We guarantee you will be impressed. The Phase One IQ2 takes take medium format capture to the next level.