Can't afford a Hi resolution Medium Format Camera think again.



Have you ever wanted for a Hi resolution Medium Format Camera kit but thought it’s just too far our of reach?

We hear it all the time.

Maybe we have something that could change that for you!

We have just had arrive in the showroom a pre-owned Phase One P65+ Kit that’s only captured 6973 images in it’s 12 month life.

The Phase One P 65+ is the first digital back and camera system to take advantage of the new Sensor+ design and is the world’s first full-frame capture system based on actual 645 film format.

The P 65+ provides full frame 645 with coverage of 53.9mm x 40.4mm – enabling full viewfinder coverage thus no need for lens magnification. Sensor resolution is 60.5 Megapixel with 8984 x 6732 active pixels achieving 180 MB, 8 bit RGB files.

“What you see is what you get.”

  • Scaleable pixel and file size
  •  60.5 Megapixels
  •  Higher sensitivity & dynamic range
  •  Increased flexibility for operation and capture
  •  Improved capture rates

What do you get:

Phase One P65+ 60.5MP Digital Camera Back
Phase One 645 DF Camera Body
Schneider 80mm f2.8 Leaf Shutter Lens
Phase One V Grip Air Vertical Grip
2x Phase One batteries
Really Right Stuff Camera Bracket
Pelican 1550 Black case.

Current replacement on this kit is $37600 inc GST

This very, very clean kit is available at $23900 inc GST

For specs etc on the P65+ heres the link

For further information please contact Trevor on 9328 3377