Capture One 101 with Peter Eastway

Team Digital is delighted to be hosting Peter Eastway’s Capture One 101 Workshop.
Whether shooting with a DSLR or medium format camera, many photographers prefer the way Capture One processes their raw files. And given raw processing sets up the file for everything else you do, it’s
essential to process it as optimally as possible. Fortunately, Capture One does most of the hard work foryou, all you have to do is drive the application. In this workshop, Peter Eastway will guide you through the
essential tools and show you how he sets up Capture One to process his raw files.
EastwayHeadOne Day Hands-On Workshop
9.30am – 3.00pm
Perth: Tuesday 24 September 2013
Venue: Team Digital
268 Lord St, Perth WA 6000