Eizo CX240 Team Review

We’ve been testing the new Eizo CX240 monitor for a while now and we thought it’s about time that we did a review.

While the CG series is still the top of the range for Eizo, the CX fits in just under the CG series. The first thing we noticed when we were unpacking the CX for the the first time. Is the absence of monitor hood ( which can be address very simply with an after- market hood from PC Hoods around the $ 95.00)  it also doesn’t come complete ColorNavigator software unless you order that particular package.

So Eizo has taken a few thing out of the package to get it to a price point. But we can make the monitor very functional with the addition of a few items. Like a hood and software.  To get the most out this monitor you really need to invest in the ColorNavigator software.  It then allow us to use the in built sensor and make use of the hardware calibration .

There are multiple inputs on the monitor from DVI, HDMI,  Display Port . The DVI and Display port will allow us to run the monitor at the full res 1900 x 1200. The HDMI only gives us 1920 x 1080. The HDMI port also be used to connect any camera that has HDMI output so you can see the live feed on the big screen which is pretty good in certain circumstances.


Connecting it up is no drama but please make sure you connect the USB from the monitor to the computer. If you don’t then the built sensor wont work simple . Unlike the CG series the CX needs to calibrated via a external device like Spyder or Display Pro for the first time it set up. Which if you in the metro area Team Digital will do for you.  Once we have done a calibration then we can start to use the built in sensor. The built in sensor is designed to read variation from that start up calibration and make correction if there is any drift from that original calibration. We believe that you can run it like this for at least 12 months before we need to do another full calibration.

After calibration our test images looked great with, smooth gradients, accurate colours , neutral greys and great detail in both highlights and shadows. The other thing we noticed is the matt panel has very little reflection or sparkle and how how sharp the images look..


The monitor has wide color gamut that almost covers Adobe RGB and in some areas exceeds that gamut.  Which allows us to display photos with vibrant blue skies and lush green forests will be reproduced faithfully in a way that cannot be on monitors with an sRGB color space.  The CX also comes with DUE (EIZO’s patented digital uniformity equalizer )  which means that colour and brightness is controlled from edge of the monitor. The Beautiful IPS panel also has a great viewing angle of 178 degrees.


The CX240 looks like being a real winning with almost all the same features as the CG series at  a lower cost.  Once you add in a few little extras you need  it’s a great monitor. And it comes with Team Digital  and Eizo 100% backup plus a 5 year warranty. Looking good