Real Nikon DF Review

NikonDFmainAfter reading so many so-called reviews on the new Nikon DF, it pretty clear that most of the reviewers hadn’t even used the camera. We were delighted that Seng from Venture Photography was prepared to do pretty comprehensive review on the DF. So we packed up our demo DF so Seng was able to play with it over the weekend. To our surprise Seng was able to get a review done that Monday and here are some excerpts from it and a link to the full review.

A couple of things that stood out for us, was how wrong previous reviews had been. The simple fact the you can very simply covert your DF into performing as a normal camera similar to any Nikon DSLR has been missed by a lot people. You can simply convert the the front dial to control your aperture and rear dial shutter speed rather than use the top dials which we really like. You can also use the Aperture ring on the non G series lenses for aperture control. Which has that great clicking sound when getting the aperture you want.



We see one of the problems with  the DF is that it could be pigeon holed into particular style of photography ie Travel etc. After reading the review and using the camera ourselves , we believe that the DF fit into the professional market as well as any camera. It could act as a perfect second camera for the wedding portrait market due to it performance and the fact its a lighter weight alternative. After speaking with our good friend David Dare Parker we believe it also will be a great editorial cameras as well.  So what ever type of photography you do we believe the Nikon DF has something to offer. Team has a demo unit in stock currently, so can in a see for yourself. We are also seeing good deliveries of the camera quite regularly so you might not have to wait to long to get your hands on one.

Heres some of what Seng (Venture Photography) had to say about the DF titled Everything Old is New Again.

With retro and modern controls, the Df quite elegantly straddles the divide between old and new: it’s a retro-styled camera that packs features that make it a fast and effective second body for a professional photographer or serious photography enthusiast.

Tech aside, the Df handles very nicely. It is fairly light and about the size of a D600/D610. It’s certainly lighter than my brick of a D800 and is miniscule compared to the whopping D4. The lack of a more substantial grip on the shutter button side may throw first-time users but it doesn’t take long for the Df to feel “just about right” in one’s hands.

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