Media coatings Ambrosia


 Lacquer Solvent Clear Varnish Coating

Ambrosia S is designed specifically for ink jet print protection.  Its low solid’s formulation protects all ink jet prints from moisture, UV light, humidity, atmospheric contaminants, and  even fingerprints, while maintaining the original  look.

AmbrosiaFeatures & Benefits

Non yellowing formula >    Longer lasting  prints

Water  Resistant            >    Excellent print protection

UV Blocker                     >     Doubles  lightfast rating

Canvas Compatible      >     Does not crack when stretched

Low Dissolved  solids  >     Maintains original gloss level

Lacquer Based              >     Increase water resistance



Aerosol Can coating instructions

  • To achieve a good finish use proper spray technique.
  • Spray at a distance of 10 to 12 inches from print.
  • Keep Can vertical and parallel to target throughout entire pass.
  • Do not angle Can upward or downward while spraying. Angled spraying will develop an uneven coating application.
  • Overlap pass approximately 50% for a proper finish.
  • Repeat pattern until entire print is coated.
  • Let print dry 2-10 minutes between coats
  • Rotate print 90 degrees and repeat coating process for 2nd & 3rd coats.