Epson Pro 7890/9890

If you produce saleable photography, graphic or poster artwork, commercial POS or display signage, then the Epson Stylus Pro 3880/7890/9890/11880 range is the series of choice. It provides a cost effective and flexible solution for printing quality colour and premium black-and-white images in a wide format. It produces durable, ultra-high resolution output using a platform that has proven dependability and is easy to maintain. 

The SP-7890 is a 24″ (610mm) Large Format Printer that is designed for artwork and poster printing. It supports a wide range of roll and sheet based media and features an ultra-fine MicroPiezo® Thin Film (TFP) print head with Variable Sized Droplet Technology™™ for output with superior resolution, gradations and colour density. It uses Epson UltraChrome® K3 all-pigment aqueous ink with a 9 cartridge configuration for high quality colour and premium B&W output that is consistent, predictable and durable. Cartridges come in various sizes to suit different levels of use and cost per print requirements. An optional SpectroProofer is available for precision colour management.


  • Amazing Print Quality – Epson 2880x1440dpi MP print head with VSDT for consistent and predictable output in ultra-high resolution with superior half tones and an optimised ink density.
  • Excellent Colour – 9 cartridge Epson UltraChrome K3 Vivid Magenta ink enables print with a high dMax and an enhanced colour gamut.
  • Outstanding B&W – produces gallery quality black-and-white images with auto switching between Photo & Matte ink for output on different media types.
  • Good Image Stability – prints dry quickly to become water and scratch resistant. Output can be stored for extended periods with excellent lightfastness*.
  • Flexible Operation – supports a wide range of media with print speeds up to 37m2/hr. Handles roll stock up to 24″ (610mm) wide and sheets up to A1 and larger. Accepts media as thick as 1.5mm, supports edge-to-edge and borderless printing.
  • Easy to Use – colour LCD control panel with integrated help. Features spindle-less roll media loading, an auto media management system and a heavy duty cutter with selectable auto and manual operation.
  • Designed for Business – flexible interfacing, operates with reduced power consumption and accepts large, cost-effective cartridges up to 700ml. Requires minimum maintenance and is supplied in various configurations with an optional SpectroProofer and user selectable warranty / support packages. Compatible with a wide range of design, production, workflow management andRIP software.


Quality Imaging

The Stylus Pro 3880/7890/9890/11880 series features Epson’s patented MicroPiezo head technology with a super-high 2880x1440dpi resolution. Unlike competing mechanisms that are based on heat, the Epson print head uses an electro-mechanical movement that is kinder to the ink chemistry, for better imaging with more stable output. While consuming less power, it is also more accurate, flexible and durable. Micro-fine drop-on-demand nozzles enable precise dot shaping, placement and volume/density control for more consistent results with less wastage. Variable-size Droplet Technology (VSDT) enables superior half-tones and optimised colour density with minimum ink consumption. Eight active channels are driven by an advanced LUT (Look-Up-Table) and a 9 cartridge ink supply system to provide an enhanced colour range. Automatic Matte / Photo Black switching ensures the maximum possible dynamic range is achieved on a wide variety of media types. Self-monitoring, alignment and cleaning systems ensure predictable, consistent and reliable output with minimal user maintenance.

When Epson launched UltraChrome K3 it established a new standard for aqueous (water based) ink technology. Using an all-pigment formulation, it produces prints that dry quickly to become water and scratch resistant with a high Dmax. The addition of Vivid Magenta has enabled Epson to push the standard higher with an enhanced colour gamut for brighter blues, purples and pinks. Colour is stable in just 30 minutes and can remain lightfast for 75 years or longer*. The Stylus Pro range automatically switches between Matte and Photo Black to suit the gloss levels on different media types. It mixes the base black with light and light-light black ink to produce the maximum possible tonal range with a neutral grey, excellent balance, reduce bronzing and no colorcasts/colour twist.

The Stylus Pro range is colorimetric calibrated during assembly to ensure that colour proofs, photographic and fine–art prints from different printers of the same model remain totally consistent. The ink features a colour constancy level of less than DeltaE 1.0 so that prints remain visually consistent when viewed under different lights and lighting conditions. An optional spectrophotometer is available to suit all models in the range. Co-developed with X-Rite®, the SpectroProofer provides extreme measurement accuracy and when driven with an appropriate RIP it enables precision proofing as well as the automation of colour management into operational workflows. It is available with or without a UV-cut filter and mounts directly to the printer with a built-in dryer to accelerate dry-down and reading.


Flexible and Easy to Operate

The SP-7890 is a floor standing printer with a 24″ (610mm) wide carriage and an integrated folding output bin. It supports a wide range of media from basic bond to photo and fine-art paper, transparent film to translucent back-lit, canvas to specialist synthetics. It accepts roll media with fast spindle-less mounting, automatic skew adjustment, and a high-speed auto-cutter which will cut most stocks including canvas. The printer supports sheet media and has a straight through paper path for solid board up to 1.5mm thick. It supports edge-to-edge printing on both sheet and roll media and will print full borderless on roll stocks. The printer ships with one roll media adaptor set that supports rolls with either 2″ or 3″ cores. Additional sets can be ordered separately for environments that involve high volume work and/or multiple media types. Optional roll paper belts are also available to help maintain tension in rolls during storage. A barcode based media management system helps track consumption on individual rolls while also facilitating rapid exchange with automatic re-configuration for different media types. An optional CTP Plate Adapter kit can also be attached. The kit enables production of aluminium printer plates for use in wide range of analogue presses.**

The Stylus Pro range has been designed for professional and commercial applications. All models feature fast and flexible networking facilities. They have LCD screens with an easy to follow menu system and in-built help. They can be configured remotely and have driver software available to suit most operating systems. The range has been designed to ensure consistent and reliable operation with minimal maintenance. Ink cartridges are pressurised to support reliable delivery at the highest production speeds and come in a variety of sizes to suit different levels of usage and cost per print requirements. Printers can be purchased with a range of warranty and support packages to suit different leasing plans and business needs. They are supported by an extensive service network that has been configured for on-site repair.***

* Accelerated testing of prints on specialty photo & fine art media displayed indoors under glass indicates light stability of up to 100 years for colour and 200 years for B&W. If prints are treated and stored appropriately then light stability can be increased to 300 years or longer. IMPORTANT: Actual stability will vary according to the media, image, surface treatment, display conditions, light intensity, humidity and atmospheric conditions. Epson does not provide any warranty or guarantee on the longevity of prints. For further details on light stability and image preservation please visit