Golden Shopping Trolley Awards 2014 Prize Pool


This is what it’s all about: the most sought-after photographic award in Australia (or the world for that matter). There have only been three triumphant photographers whose names are indelibly etched into the Golden Shopping Trolley trophy so far. This trophy has turned friends into enemies & seen photographers go to any lengths to win the coveted prize. Who will reign supreme in 2014?
And if the trophy isn’t enough, then here’s the list of prizes up for grabs.

Golden Shopping Trolley Awards 2014 Prize Pool

First Prize

Phase One  valued at $6000.00

OK so people have been asking about this years prize pool, lets start by welcoming our long time GSTA supporter PhaseOne. if you win first prize then you get to spend 2 glorious weeks with a PhaseOne IQ kit, ask Cindy and Ben how much fun that was.

Epson Pro 3880 valued at $2000.00

As part of the first prize you can win the amazing Epson Pro 3880 A2 printer. So once you’ve shot some great images on the Phase One you can now print them on the 3880. And if you already own an Epson printer as most photographers do, you can use the value of the prize to update to any printer in the Epson range thats $2000 off !

Second Prize

Drobo 4 Bay valued at $550.00

We welcome Drobo as a new sponsor of the GSTA. Drobo have just released there new Drobo 4 bay USB 3.0 storage system. And this makes up part of the second prize.

Wacom Intuos Pro valued at $385.00

We welcome back one of favorites Wacom. Wacom are supplying a Intuos Pro medium the best tablet on the market which makes up the rest of the second prize.

Third Prize

Induro Tripod valued at $550.00

New sponsor this year Induro tripods, Induro are quickly becoming the tripod of choice for lots of Photographers. And there very versatile 314 Carbon fibre tripod is part of Third Prize.

Sandisk Memory voucher $250

Sandisk are back again this year, Supplies of super reliable memory cards. If you win Third place them there is a $250.00 Sandisk voucher heading your way.

Shopping Trolley Category

Sigma Quattro valued at $1100.00

This is a big the prize for the Shopping Trolley category, a brand new Sigma Quattro dp2. The Quattro will make a wonderful addition to anyone’s camera bag. One word to describe the image quality AWESOME!

Unfinished Category

Eizo CS240 valued at $1650.00

Ok so this is the last announcement for the Golden Shopping Trolley Awards. We welcome back Eizo as a supporter of this years awards. With a very special prize, if you are lucky enough to win the special category “Unfinished” you will be taking home a newly released Eizo ColorEdge CS240.Who knows? There could be some other surprises around the corner…

There might some more surprises to come.