Phase One XF Camera System

Phase One XF Camera System

Introducing the future of medium format – The Phase One XF Camera System.

The Phase One XF Camera System is designed to help the world’s most demanding photographers realise their vision in a new and extraordinary way. At the heart of the system is an all new, totally in-house designed Phase One Camera Body; the XF. Engineered from aero grade materials and utilising advanced electronics, the XF is set to take medium format into the next decade. Features like an intuitive OneTouch User Interface, an all-new, patent pending precision autofocus system, upgradeable OS, and full modularity ensure that Phase One continue to redefine “what the world’s best photography is made of”.

This is more than just a camera though. The XF Camera System is completed by three all-new Digital Backs. The IQ3 50MP, IQ3 60MP and IQ3 80MP digital backs have been developed in tandem with the XF Camera and see an unprecedented level of integration with the XF platform, which centres around the new OneTouch User Interface.

Along with the IQ3 Digital Backs there are two new lenses. A Schneider-Kreuznach 35mm f/3.5 Leaf Shutter Lens and a Schneider-Kreuznach 120mm f/4.0 Macro Leaf Shutter Lens. Both new lenses are designed to resolve to well over 100MP and are perhaps some of the most impressive and sharp lenses in an already stellar line up.

Add to this the best after-sales support and warranty of any camera system and it’s easy to see why Phase One is the choice of professionals, world-wide.  Through Specular, Phase One offers

5 Year Warranty
Offering an unprecedented and industry leading 5-year warranty, Phase One covers the entire system from top to bottom, lens to back. If your Phase One system should suffer a fault within 5 years, we will tackle repairs without hesitation.

5 Year Uptime Guarantee
Exclusive to Phase One, we provide you with a worry free 5-year uptime guarantee. This guarantee provides you access to loan equipment should you need to send us your system for any reason, as well as on site service should it be necessary.

Technical Support
Phase One offers the best in-class support, promising our hardware users a response from the globally positioned support team within 8 hours, regardless of location and no matter what the concern.

For more information, or pricing, contact us by phone on: 08 93283377

Features of the Phase One XF Camera System

Phase One XF Controls

OneTouch User Interface – OneTouch UI is inspired by clean, functional Scandinavian design and provides a seamless, fully customisable interface which allows the photographer to personalise their camera for any shooting situation. OneTouch is controlled through the beautiful, tactile dials, buttons and touch sensitive screens on the Phase One XF.

Phase One XF Sensors

New IQ3 Digital Backs – The IQ3 range from Phase One feature high bandwidth interfaces allowing for seamless use of the various OneTouch UI features. The IQ3 range includes the world’s first 80MP sensor capable of 60 minute exposures. The IQ3 80MP Digital Back is joined by the IQ3 60MP and IQ3 50MP models and build on the foundation set out in the IQ2 range.

Phase One XF Metering

New Metering & Live View Capture – Being able to capture images from live-view is a welcome addition to the XF Camera System and integrates into the new metering and capture systems that are part of OneTuouch UI. TTL Metering is available with both the standard and optional waist level finders.

Phase One XF Autofocus

New Autofocus Platform – The Honeybee Autofocus Platform (HAP-1) is a fully in-house developed autofocus system which features a high-resolution CMOS AF sensor and unique floating-point architecture which is set to redefine digital medium format AF.

Phase One XF Viewfinder

New Modular Viewfinders – A solid glass prism is the brightest in its class and comes as standard on the new XF Camera System. An all-new waist-level viewfinder is also available, rekindling one of the classic photographic perspectives. Thanks to the HAP-1 autofocus system the waist-level finder is also able to perform light metering.

Phase One XF Lenses

New Leaf Shutter Lenses – Phase One and Schneider-Kreuznach have developed two new leaf shutter lenses in a 35mm and 120mm focal length. Both lenses are designed to resolve at beyond 100MP ensuring that they not only get the most out of today’s sensors but that they will perform well into the future.