PhaseOne: Golden Shopping Trolley Awards


The Golden Shopping Trolley Awards welcomes back PhaseOne as a sponsor in 2016. This years winner will get some quality time with the best, most advanced camera system on the market. This fantastic prize includes the new PhaseOne XF body, an IQ380 back plus a selection of beautiful Schneider Kreuznach lens.

Valued at over $4000

Here’s what one of your past winners had to say about the experience.

“Winning the GSTA was a dream come true, something I never thought in a million years I could do. The amazing feeling of having your work displayed on the screen and then finding out you won the overall prize was phenomenal. I can assure you I nearly passed out! The presentation night was a buzz and a total blur at the same time, the prizes I had only dreamed about having in my hands were now mine!! The Phase IQ180, although extremely intimidating, is a life changer – Nothing is ever “as good” – nothing comes close! I still lust after my next opportunity to get my hands on the Phase IQ180. Dreamy picture quality, so easy to use, the pictures it produces are mind blowing…… once you have been touched you will never want to go back!”

Cindy Buchan

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