What are people saying about F-stop bags?

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Here’s a review on F-stop bags by Julian Master from the point of view of a working pro.

F-Stop Ajna Backpack Review from Team Digital on Vimeo.

What are people saying about F-stop bags?

Here are some comments that were made about F-stops on a recent Team Digital Facebook post.

“When it comes to backpacks, nothing I have had in my 25 year career beats the F-Stop bags. A big call, I know. But don’t just take my word for it. Message any person who owns one and you will hear the same. They are just that good.” – Christian Fletcher

“Love it!” – Graeme Ditterich

“Yep, 100% agree. f-stop is the only way to go! Love it!” – Jordan Cantelo

“Love it. I’d love it even more if I got a free one to trial in NZ next year.” – Toby Nicholls

“LOVE mine. But I’d love a brand new shiny orange one more!” – Wendy Morris

“Best. Bag. Ever.” – Stef Dunn

“I’ve had mine for 4 years, best bags!!” – Antonio Ranieri

“Most comfortable backpack I’ve had. Had my Satori 4 years – the only issue has been the tearing of the outer material of one of the shoulder straps. Looks like a weak point from stitches. The XL ICU also doubles as a great insert for a carry-on size Samsonite bag.” – Owen Hammond

“Love it. Best bag I’ve had. Comfortable, tough, and able to be customised.” – Brendan Goodger

“Just got my Kashmir from Ben at Team Digital. Love the bag, but more so the customer service provided by Ben. Was blown away with his efficiency.” – Sandra Anne Boles

“Best bags ever. Done my best to wear out the Tilopa and the Guru but totally failed. Pity – the new colours really go with my eyes (especially the tangerine).” – Stuart Westmore

“I wish they had invented them earlier. You have to try them, the comfiest bag ever.” – Nigel Gaunt

“Big thumbs up here as well, I have a grey Tilopa and a bright blue Satori, 3 ICU’s – Okay, I’m a bit of a camera bag junkie.” – André Joanisse


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