Little Creatures Collective Exhibition


Little Creatures Collective Exhibition.

We’ve put together some of WA’s best Macro Photographer’s images to highlight this amazing genre to introduce you to a completely new macro/micro world. Each of the collective has their unique way of photographing this amazing subject. To see these images come to life in print has been a great experience we are sure you will absolutely love.

This is the first time we’ve had this type of subject matter in the gallery, and after working with the collective over the last few months, we’re keen to collaborate on another project again.

Introducing the Little Creatures Collective:

Craig Franke
Louise Stockden
Denis Hogan
Chris O’Toole
Dan Jones

Opening night is 11th August. On the night we’ll have a presentation from at least 3 of the collective to give you some real insight into their world of Little Creatures.

The exhibition will be up until the 10th of September. If you are wanting to purchase any of the pieces on display you can contact the photographer direct. Team Digital staff will have their full details available at the gallery.

Limited numbers so please book early -> Book now


If you suffer from certain phobias, especially towards little creatures of the 8-legged variety, you may want to brace yourself – some of the images in this exhibition will likely  be challenging to view.