Team Digital has a refurb Epson Pro 7900 for sale

Team Digital has a refurb Epson Pro 7900 for sale, Great opportunity to pick up a 24” printer and start doing some super large prints.


The unit comes with a new head with 12 month warranty on it, and bundle of ink.

The Epson Pro 7900 is 24’’ 61cm Photographic printer that allows you to produce beautiful photographic reproduction on Photo Media, Canvas, Metallic’s and much more

If you are wanting to produce professional photography, gallery quality artwork or colour accurate proofs then the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 range is for you. It represents a pinnacle in colour printing technology with an ultra-high resolution and an incredible colour gamut. It provides outstanding output in a platform that is flexible, reliable and easy to maintain.

The printer is also backed up with Team Digitals support from profiles to training courses.

Only $2995.00 the same cost as a new 17” printer.