Magbeam 1

Magmod Magbeam have arrived

The Magbeam are now available at Team Digital

We’ve been selling the Magmod flash accessories for sometime and we love them. They are simply the best flash attachments on the market. Now they have just released their new series of accessories: the MAGBEAM. MagBeam by MagMod is a new fresnel-lens modifier that gives you increased power output, and a light pattern with a super hard edge. You can also use projection masks (gobos/cookies) that allow you to project light patterns on your subject. The MagBeam allows you to shape light in a fast, easy, and simple package.

The Tele Fresnel is perfect for wildlife or any where we need to project a flash long distances. It will add up to 2/3 more stops of light. And it super compact and super easy to use. Here’s a good example


The Wide-angle Fresnel is perfect for backgrounds, and it really sings when you add a gobo or cookie mask to create some amazing backgrounds like the images below.


If you want to see anything in the Magmod range check out our Magmod Touch Centre. Bring in your flash and camera and have a play.

Be warned – once you try them, you will want them.