workforce r8590

“Game Changer” – The Epson Workforce

Team Digital has just expanded its range of Epson printers to include the new Epson Workforce range of business machines.

There is a little bit of a story as to how this came about. Like many companies we suffered with our existing Copier/Printer for a few more years than we probably should have. At the beginning of the year we knew it was going to be terminal for our poor old Canon. We looked at so many options in regards to features, purchase price, and running cost. Thankfully, our friendly Epson rep suggested a solution that we hadn’t heard about – a new Epson Workforce series printer/copier.

We were looking at a Laser printer for economy & performance, and hadnt considered an Inkjet printer as a viable option. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of sample prints produced by the Workforce. They looked better than we’d anticipated, even when compared to Laser prints.

Okay, so the cost per print must be higher from an Inkjet as opposed to a Laser. To our surprise it was the exact opposite! TheEpson Workforce cost per print on the new Epson Workforce was a fraction of the cost of a print produced on Laser, especially when it came to colour output. Then we went through running costs. The only thing we need to change on the Epson Workforce, is a Maintenance Tank, as opposed to a Transfer Unit, a Developer Unit, and a Fixing Unit in Laser machines. So if the print costs and running costs are better on the Epson Workforce, what’s the catch?

Was it that we would have to change cartridges (or ink bladders) all the time? No, we get 75,000 standard pages from one ink bladder, as opposed to roughly 26 sets of toner cartridges on our old Canon Laser.

Was it that the Workforce must be a lot slower to print than the laser? No, it’s actually faster! No warm-up required.

Will it use more power? No again! It actually uses less power.

After ticking all the boxes we could think of, we ordered our new Epson Workforce 8590.

workforceAfter running the Workforce for about 4 months we can now say we’re seriously impressed. We’ve run all types of media though it – because we can. We even put through some Ilford Smooth Pearl Photo paper (310gsm). The results were pretty good, so we thought “can we profile the Workforce for different media? The answer was yes – the new printout on the Ilford Pearl looks great, especially considering it came off a copier… a COPIER! We’ve run off panoramic signage, card stock, sticky labels, and much more. In short, we love the Epson Workforce – super reliable, cheap to run, and very versatile.

We hadn’t previously heard much about the Epson Workforce and if it wasn’t for our Epson rep Adrian, we may never have done so. So we talked to Epson about selling the Workforce range, and can now say that we are , now an authorised dealer for what we believe is one of the best business copier/printer solutions on the market.

Prices start from $1999. Come in and check out the Epson Workforce for yourself in our showroom. There’s an Epson Workforce to suit big and small offices. Who knows? We could save you a fortune!