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Eizo Digital Darkroom Kit

Eizo CS2420

At Team Digital we believe that the monitor is the key to all digital imaging. It’s the link between Capture and Output. You make extremely important decisions regarding editing your precious images on a monitor. If that monitor is not giving you the right feedback throughout important editing decisions it can do more harm than good.

That is why we recommend the Eizo ColorEdge monitors: less re-edits, less trips back to the lab, less wasted media. All this allows you to be more productive.

Team and Eizo make it easier than ever to get your Digital Darkroom Kit.

What is an Eizo Digital Darkroom kit? Put simply it’s everything you could need to colour manage your system.

Eizo Digital Darkrom Kit includes:

  • Eizo Coloredge CS2420/CS2730 monitor
  • ColorNavigator Software
  • EX3 Colormeter calibrator
  • Monitor Hood
  • 5 Year Eizo Australian Warranty

Plus Team Digital’s 30min remote support package.

CS2420 Darkroom kit $1595

CS2730 Darkroom kit $2195

Don’t just believe us! Here are some quotes from Eizo users.

“The CX – 271 has helped me refine my post production process. There is no more guess work involved. I can see very accurately how things will reproduce saving me on reprints. The screen also seems to be easier to look at for long periods and there is no reflection or glare. It’s pretty awesome.”
James Simmons: James Simmons Photography

“I tend to invest even more in my production monitors than my computers because the monitor is the window into my creative world. I don’t hold back when it comes to the quality of my images, no matter where they are displayed.”
Dr Les Walkling

“Eizo is the only way to go. Along with Ben or Trevor setting it up. The whole experience of getting my Eizo along with the continual high quality service and expert knowledge of Team Digital has been priceless for me. It is the security and confidence I feel knowing my images are presented and processed with the best equipment and back up possible. I couldn’t be happier.”
Natasja Kremers

Team Digital have been selling and supporting Eizo monitors for over 16 years. No one knows more about Eizo monitors than Team Digital, WA’s colour management professionals. Call in and see the range at Team’s Eizo Touch Centre. Bring in some images and compare for yourself.