New addition to hire: Jinbei HD610 Flash



Team Digital is very excited about adding the Jinbei HD610 to our hire fleet. This is now a perfect way to try this very impressive battery powered, portable flash.

Jinbei HD610 flash
Day Rate $70 Weekend $105 Week $280
This includes either a Canon or Nikon TTL Trigger.

Spare Battery good for aprox 450 full power flashes.
Day rate $20 Weekend rate $30 Week rate $80

Folding Beauty dish 80cm
Day rate $10 Weekend rate $15 Week rate $40

The Jinbei HD610 has the same feature set you’ll see in much more expensive flashes. Let’s have a look at these in detail.

Firstly HS Sync. Up to 1/8000, this relatively new way of using flash is seeing a lot photographers creating some amazing images.  Really simple to get it into HS mode – one menu button and you’re away. Remember that this is also 600W/s as opposed to other competitors in the market, so overpowering sunlight should be a lot easier.

Jinbei Hd610Secondly Freeze mode. This gives you a flash duration of 1/19000 – and no, that’s not an extra 0. To achieve 1/19000 you have to be at very low power output, which is not different to other units on the market. This will be very handy for freezing action (as the name suggests) in a studio environment.

TTL mode. I really don’t think it’s of much use. We use flash to create drama 95% of the time, not to produce well-lit subjects. I guess if you’re really working fast at say a wedding, then it has its place. Most of the time I would think that you want to be in full control. That being said, the TTL mode worked very well on the tests we did with the Nikon DF.

So in summary on the features front it has the same feature set as flashes twice, even three times more expensive than the Jinbei HD610.