Eizo ColorEdge

Eizo ColorEdge at Team Digital Promotions

An Eizo Coloredge editing monitor will take all the guess work out of getting your prints to look the way you want. The monitor is the window to your creative world: imagine no more second guessing edits, no more reprints, no more extra trips to the lab: life couldn’t be better.

Team Digital have been selling and supporting Eizo monitors for over 15 years. No one knows more about Eizo monitors than Team Digital, WA’s colour management professionals. Call in and see the range at Teams Eizo Touch Centre. Bring in some images and compare for yourself. .For a limited time we have some amazing Eizo ColorEdge Promotions.





Heres a download of the full range of the Eizo ColorEdge monitors, going through all the differences between the current range. It also goes through all the features that make Eizo monitors the best editing monitors on the market.

EizoColorEdge Range

Don’t just take our word for how an Eizo monitors can improve your workflow.

“The CX – 271 has helped me refine my post production process. There is no more guess work involved. I can see very accurately how things will reproduce saving me on reprints. The screen also seems to be easier to look at for long periods and there is no reflection or glare. It’s pretty awesome.” James Simmons : James Simmons Photography

“Eizo is the only way to go. Along with Ben or Trevor setting it up. The whole experience of getting my Eizo along with the continual high quality service and expert knowledge of Team Digital has been priceless for me. It is the security and confidence I feel knowing my images are presented and processed with the best equipment and back up possible. I couldn’t be happier. Natasja Kremers

“At Fitzgerald’s we only choose the best tools to get the job done, first time, every time. We know we can depend upon our Eizo monitors for accurate colour – always!” Paul Maietta : Fitzgerald Photo Imaging

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