EPSON Cashbacks: End of Financial Year Sale

EPSON End of Financial Year Sale

Epson has gone mad with Epson Cashbacks; check out the list below. If you purchase any of the printers listed below from Team Digital before 30th June then you qualify for the Epson Cashbacks.

Plus you get the best after-sales service from WA’s Epson Specialist, Fine Art media sample packs, and if that’s not enough you can attend our Epson True Colour weekend workshop for free.

If you want to see most of these printer in operation, then drop into our Epson Touch Centre.     Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.50.20 am

SureColor SC-P5070
SureColor SC-P6070
SureColor SC-P7070
SureColor SC-P8070
SureColor SC-P9070
SureColor SC-P10070
SureColor SC-P20070
SureColor SC-P600 $200.00