Family Photography Workshop with Lisa Ivandich


Join Lisa for a three-hour workshop about all things family photography.  

As well as being the current AIPP Professional Family Photographer of the Year, Lisa has run a successful full-time family portrait studio for the past ten years.  In this workshop, Lisa will open the doors to her top tips and tricks that have helped her become one Perth’s most popular family photographers.  

Learn how she captures natural smiles from even the most reluctant of subjects and her top tips for shooting stunning babies, toddlers and family photos.  And importantly, how to shoot portraits that sell.

With two children (and being in business for pretty much all their lives) work-life balance is a constant priority.  There are very few processes, systems and applications for both business and work-life balance she hasn’t explored and is ready to share all her secrets to having a business and a family and staying sane – most of the time!

When: Thursday October 12th; 10:00am to 1:00pm

Team Digital
268 Lord Street
Perth WA 6000

How much: $98

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