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Epson Finance now at Team Digital


Epson Finance now at Team Digital

Team Digital has recently joined with Epson Finance which makes getting into an Epson printer even easier. And the beauty of renting your Epson printer is that you have the option to buy at the end of the period or just update to the latest printer. Epson Finance is only for established businesses.

Prices start from only $22 per week for Epson P5070 with a full three year Epson warranty. Rental over 36 months. With an option to buy or upgrade after that 3 years.

Why is Epson Finance a good idea.

Cash Flow

You don’t tie up cash buying up front, finance frees up cash for more strategic investments, or innovations you need for your business to grow.

Simple Solution

You can finance up to 100% of your equipment costs with Finlease, in most cases including, additional to soft costs such as software with the ability to bring your technology together in one monthly bill for, maintenance and services. We can also finance the non-Epson equipment components of your total solution, subject to some limitations.

Tax deductibility

All your rental payment are fully tax deductible.

Fixed payment

Fixed monthly or quartley payment helps you manage your budget

Keep up with the latest technology

Financing allows you the flexibility to upgrade to new technology to match your current and future business needs .

Purchase and Renewal options

Financing provides you with end of lease options and the flexibility to return , purchase or upgrade your equipment as your business requires.

Epson Financial Solutions is designed to make it easy to manage your cash flow, upgrade equipment and grow your business by tailoring a range of financial solutions that precisely meet your business needs. Take advantage of potential tax benefits by leasing or renting your capital equipment or optimise your fleet of devices with a fixed-all-inclusive monthly rate under a managed services contract.

Talk to one of Teams Epson Finance specialists about you businesses requirement.