New Exhibition: Echoes of the Past 15th Feb

Team Digital

Team Digital is delighted to have “Echoes of the Past” an exhibition by Barbara Brown. The exhibition opening night is the 15th February.

Echoes of the Past

This exhibition is as much about the stories of lives once lived – lives that changed forever on April 26 1986, as it is about cracking paint and luxurious moss on rotting wooden floors.

As a photographer, I am drawn to the rough beauty of abandoned places. They are a reflection of our society; they represent where we’ve been and what our future holds. They serve as a warning of mistaken paths and as a message for future possibilities. Witnessing the decay of the past can be a reflection of the possibilities of the future. I enjoy searching for beauty in uncommon places and by doing so, help to preserve the memory and spirit that still shines ever so faintly in the dust and decay of these modern ruins.

The buildings and locations abandoned as a result of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, speak volumes when you enter them, even in their abandoned and decaying states. Every room I looked into told a story and every artefact from a bygone era holds years of meaning and purposes. At the same time, these broken-down structures carry a strength and dignity in their ruin. Below the grime and rust that covers everything, the time and design of these buildings and the spirit of those who lived and worked in them endures.

“Echoes of the Past” Exhibition By Barbara Brown

Opening Night the 15th February

Running from the 16th February to 17th March

Please ring Team to confirm Gallery opening hours 93283377