MacOS Mojave – Not so fast!

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Apple’s Mojave is the newest release of their Mac operating system. Before rushing out and installing it, you might be wise to wait a while. As with any major new software release a bit of up-front preparation will stave off many problems. This is especially true before you get anywhere near intstalling a new system on your main production computers.

Any computers you rely on for work or which you can’t live without should stay on a stable, reliable operating system until any new release proves itself. Over the past few months, it has been MacOS Sierra which has proved most stable for production and only recently has MacOS High Sierra begun to attain a reputation for stability.

As of today, High Sierra (MacOS 10.13.6) has been out for over twelve months and has recently had its sixth update, so it’s now a good candidate to use in a production environment. The big caveat, even with moving to High Sierra, is to first check that your main productivity applications are fully compatible. For example if your work relies on Adobe Creative Cloud applications, Phase One Capture One Pro, Eizo Colour Navigator, Microsoft Office, or any other commercial application it’s prudent to double-check their compatibility before upgrading.

If you’re not already on High Sierra, now would be a good time to assess whether you should upgrade. This will allow you to stay on top of the latest security patches while still reducing risk of going to a brand new release, while at the same time maintaining maximum compatiblity with your existing software. So for now perhaps put off that Mojave ugprade with it’s tempting ‘Dark Mode’ and other great features, and consider moving to High Sierra. Look for our article on upgrading to MacOS High Sierra for some great tips.

To conclude, I found this quote from the “Luminous Landscape” forum which I thought quite apt.

“27 years working in the computer industry before retiring from it earlier this decade, my recommendation, never ever be an early adopter of an OS ;)”

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