Elinchrom RX4 kit with $300 worth of Xmas bonuses

Team Digital and Elinchrom have got together to come up with some amazing Xmas Specials. The first of these is for the Elinchrom RX4 lighting kit, which has to be the best value lighting kit on the market. Included with this bundle is the Studio Essentials workshop, which will get you up and creating amazing studio shots in no time. Presenter Seng Mah from Venture Photography is one of the best lighting educators in WA. If that’s not enough we also include a $240 Octa box for free. This makes the kit even more useful than normal.

So that’s the Free Lighting Essentials workshop and the free Octa box with every D-lite RX 4 kit sold, giving you over $300 of bonuses.

Here’s what’s in the kit:

Elinchrom RX4The Elinchrom RX4/RX4 Softbox To Go Set Includes:
  • 2x Elinchrom RX4 Flash Heads
  • Includes, modelling lamp, protective cap, sync cord and mains cable
  • 1x Elinchrom Portalite Square Softbox 66 x 66cm
  • 1x Elinchrom Portalite Octa Softbox 56cm
  • 1x Elinchrom Translucent Defector
  • 1x Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter Plus
  • 1x Lighting Stand Set (2x 88 – 235cm Stands With Bag)
  • 1x Tube Case for D-Lite RX4 Flash Heads
  • 1x Xlite Pro 90cm Umbrella Octa Softbox
  • 2-Year Manufactures Warranty
  • 400Ws down to 8Ws power range, perfect for small environments and shallow depth of field
  • Built-in receiver for triggering and power control with the EL-Skyport Plus
  • Intelligent pre-flash detector system enables the full use of D-Lite RX’s with speedlights
  • Adjustable proportionality of the modelling lamp range
  • Variable f-stop steps : 1/1, 1/2, 4/10, 1/3, 2/10 or 1/10
  • Very short flash durations to offer sharper images
  • Temperature controlled cooling fan
  • The accessory bayonet accepts the complete range of EL-mount light modifiers.
  • User replaceable plug-in flashtube

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