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New media from Ilford

Ilford has just released some pretty amazing new papers. Here are the ones that really stood out for us.

Gold Fibre Pearl has a beautiful smooth satin-like finish with a slightly warm base. A great example of Baryta style media.

Key Benefits

Traditional Baryta-like surface
High quality black and white and colour images
Wide colour gamut for vivid images
Perfect for digital toning
Excellent sharpness

What we found

Beautiful warmth and stipple |
Big gamut
Won’t Cut on Epson printers(to rigid) could be a problem at the end of rolls. Plus might need to be supported when printing sheet

Fine Art Smooth Pearl is a very unique paper with it’s satin finish, slight texture and an almost metallic look.

Key Benefits

Excellent image sharpness
Smooth pearl surface
Acid Free

What we found

Blacks not as punchy (lower dmax)

Crystal Gloss. Okay we were pretty impressed with Ilford’s Metallic Gloss but the Crystal Gloss is even better. It still gives you that 3D look with an almost warm base compared to the Metallic Gloss’s silver base.

Key Benefits

Brilliant Metallic Shimmer
Unique surface adds a creative angle
Superb photographic image quality and consistency
Perfect for Portrait and Studio photography

What we found

A lot warmer base than the Ilford Metallic Gloss
Cleaner base
NEEDS lots of light (as all metallic type paper do)
Looks less grainy

And there is a lot more on top of these wonderful new medias. Drop in into Team Digital’s print centre to check out all of the media.

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