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Are your lenses not quite sharp?

Team Digital’s lens calibration service can help.

Does this ever happen to you: you focus on the eyes, only to get some other part of the face in focus. Most people put it down to technique and try to compensate for it, with varying degrees of success. Now with “AF Micro-adjustment” we can change all that.


Here’s a simple illustration of what we are talking about. These images were taken with a Canon 5D Mark III and 50mm f1.4 lens. The focus point is the leading edge of the lamp signified by the red square. The distance between subject and camera is approx. 2.5m. As you see from the image on the left, the distance between the focus point and where the camera actually focuses is approx. 20cm. Imagine trying to work with that during a wedding – or any shoot for that matter. After calibration the image is perfect focus-wise.

You may not be aware that the latest generation of cameras from Canon and Nikon (and some others) have the facility to fine-tune the autofocus of lenses to the camera. Team Digital can match your DSLR body and your lens perfectly to each other so that what you are focusing on will be sharp and accurate every time. We’ve been running this service for few years now (calibrating over 1000 lenses ) and although it used to be a time consuming process, we’ve developed a workflow that enables us to do these measurements and adjustments in a fraction of the time it took in the past.

The first lens + body combination is $45 and each additional lens is $35*. We also provide a report that allows you see exactly how your lenses have been performing.
*any lens over 200m is $45.


Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what clients have been saying about this service:

“You order and finally receive in your hot little hands a beautiful Canon 35mm f1.4 L Series Lens – which you whack on your camera in anticipation of shooting some of the sharpest images you know you’re ever going to take… only to find the results leaving you disappointed and wondering why you bothered!? At 10 meters it was back focussing around 40cm(!)
Damn you L-Series glass – why do you mock me so. That was until heading into Team Digital and going through the Lens Microadjustment process for my two main bodies. Out-of-the-box the Canon 35mm f1.4L lens’ focus was enough out that there was no way I was ever going to hit the spot – until it was ‘tuned-in’ to both my 1Ds Mark III and 1D Mark IV – of which both needed different microadjustment settings in the end. The bodies match the adjustment to the specific lens every time and never forget the setting. Game on.”
Steve Wise: 27 Creative

“I recently had all my lenses and cameras calibrated. It was amazing to see (especially with my older lenses) how far out the calibration was to my camera. I had been experiencing softness and often get my lenses and camera serviced but never saw an improvement – the calibration has brought the best out of my lenses.”
Rebecca Johansson: Compose Photography

“When you have the best cameras Canon make and a hero lens like the 50mm f1.2 and you still can’t get a sharp photo for your clients it was time to get the boys at Team Digi to get their calibration gadgets out. Since then we are back in business. Please remember to return all your custom settings to what they originally were – otherwise you’ll be shooting your next job on JPG and not RAW”.
Craig Kinder: F22