New Exhibition: Printwest

Printwest Exhibition 14th Jan to 13th Feb.

Please ring 9328 3377 to confirm Bunker Gallery opening hours.

Team Digital is delighted to have the Printwest exhibition on show in the Bunker Gallery.

This exhibition shows the best images produced by Western Australian Photography Clubs in 2019. They are from the WAPF annual inter-club photographic competition. The best images are printed for a separated individual competition, and all are exhibited here, with just under 90 prints on display.

  • There isn’t room for all to be displayed at once, so they will be circulated over the course of the exhibition; please don’t be disappointed if your print is not on the wall.

Our thanks to the sponsors of this Competition/Exhibition:

Eizo Australia
Epson Australia
Canson Infinity
Ilford Australia

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