Nanlite Forza 60 LED


After using and selling the Nanlite Forza range of LED for about 3 months it’s safe to say everyone is very impressed. The Forza lights come in 3 flavours: Forza 60, Forza 300, and Forza 500. Let’s start with the Forza 60.


The Forza 60 is the most compact unit in the range. While it’s designed primarily for Video use, it’s also great for still photography – good quality light, compact, powerful, great colour rendition, and can be battery powered.

You can use them for a fill to complement your existing LED lighting or you might want something compact to use as the main light for interviews, etc. At this point, we should mention the cost: under $400 for a kit that includes a great case and AC Power cords.


This little light is so powerful! We tested it at 1 meter with the kit reflector and got results of 14,500 lux at 5600K colour temp  and a CRI rating of 98% – all great numbers for a super-compact LED. If that’s not enough, couple it with the FL11 Fresnel and you can achieve a massive 35,000 lux at 10 degrees at 1 meter.


It’s really simple to activate the Effect menu, which includes 3 Flash effects, 3 Storm effects, a TV effect, and a Bad Bulb effect. While this isn’t a huge range of effects it’s enough to enhance your projects. To initiate the Effect menu, simply cycle through the options until you find the one you like. Another thing you can do in the menu is turn the fan off. If you choose to do that you’ll only have 80% power output, but that’s still enough power for most situations. Having said that, our clients have not mentioned any noise issues when the fan is on.

Optional Remote

There are a number of really great optional accessories available. You can get a remote to control your Forza light from up to 15m away. It’s fairly compact and not expensive, giving you full control whereever your light is positioned.

Battery power grip

Another optional extra is the Forza Grip which takes the Sony NFP batteries, making you totally portable. This allows you to hand-hold the light; or you can connect it to a stand via spigot. If that’s not enough the grip has a pretty nifty stand built into it. Our tests using 2 x NPF970 batteries indicated we could run on full power for about 90 minutes.

Forza Fresnelimage

If want some real control then there’s an FL11 Fresnel which goes from 10 to 45 degree. If that’s not enough it comes with barn doors which can be removed if need be. We’ve already covered what using one of these can do for your output (35,000 lux), and it’s super compact and lightweight.

Forza Octabox

You can also pick up a great Octabox. This 60cm parabolic softbox offers high-quality diffused light that will enhance videos, photos, etc. and features an outer diffusion material, as well as an optional grid to control light spill and give more direction. This softbox uses a mount specifically designed to fit the Forza 60. Not suitable for the Forza 300/500 heads.

Forza 60 kit includes:image

1x Nanlite Forza 60 5600K LED Light
1x Nanlite Reflector
1x Nanlite Power Cord
1x Nanlite Carry Case
1x Nanlite Standard 5/8″ Receiver Mount

Take a Forza for a test drive

Although we’ve been talking about the amazing Forza 60 super compact super powerful LED light, Team Digital does have a Forza 300 available for loan (conditions apply). Give us a call if you want to try this powerhouse of an LED for yourself.

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