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Team Digital Print Profiles

Team Digital Printer Profiles Procedure

As WA’s leading Colour Management specialists we take colour management very seriously and understand how important it is, so we’ve created a print profiling service that will take your printing to the next level. While canned profiles can be good there are a lot that aren’t so we recommend you use custom printer profiles.

The procedures are pretty simple and we give you all the tools you need to create a great custom profile.

Where do we start?

1) First we make sure the printer is running perfectly; this can be confirmed by producing a nozzle check. This is extremely important! We really want to see that printed nozzle check before we do any profiling. You must send the nozzle check in with your target prints.

2) Make sure the correct Black is selected for the type of media you are using i.e. Matt Black or Photo Black. We can give you guidance on that selection:

Photo Black is for Pearl, Semigloss, Metallic, Baryta, Gloss, etc
Matt Black is for Fine Art Matt Media and Canvas

3) Download the Team Digital Profile Targets folder (we’ll send you a link), which gives you access to both the Adobe Color Printer Utility for Win/Mac, plus the profile targets.

Once you have done all of the above we can get to printing our targets. To do this you simply open up the targets one at a time in the Adobe Color Printer Utility. The target comes in the form of 5 x A4 sheets. This is generally more than other profiler providers sample.

1) Open the Adobe Color Printer Utility and open the first target print. You must make sure that the target is not resized in any way (it may not read if it’s resized).

2) Select the correct paper type. The Epson Media type you want to use for your media in the Epson Print Driver varies depending on paper type.

We recommend Epson Premium Lustre for all brands of Lustre, Semi-Gloss, and Satin media.
We recommend Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art or Velvet Fine Art for all brands of Fine Art Matt media.

Set the print resolution on the printer to whichever setting you want to print at. We recommend setting it to the highest resolution value.

3) Repeat the process using the same settings until you have the 5 different target sheets. The pages are clearly numbered.

Then all you need do is make a note of what settings Ei Media Resolutions etc. Put the nozzle check and targets into the post. And we will read then and make you a big beautiful profile. That is specific to your printer and media type.

Happy Printing!