Nanlite PavoTube Bonus Month

Team Digital has some great offers on the new Nanlite PavoTube range of LED Lighting.
This has to be the most versatile LED lighting on the market. That comes in a size to suit your budget and gear?
This Month Team is offering the Pavotubes with some great bonuses see below for full details.

So what makes the Pavotube so good
Full control over Colour Temp 2700-6500K
Infinite Colour control via RGB or HSI
Full Video Special effects
CRI rating of 98 for Colour Accuracy
Compact, portable, battery-powered plus AC power
They come 3 size one is sure to fit your needs
6C the baby at only
15C still compact enough to carry around
30C the big kahuna of the range

PavoTube 6C 
As we were saying the baby of the range. At only 25cm long so it can fit in any camera bag but it still pack punch.  It’s perfect for portraits, still life, macro and video.  It chargers from a simple USB so no bulky battery chargers to carry.  Has all the features of its big brothers. Will last up to an hour on 100% power.  Plus you can let of accessories such as underwater housings and grids etc.
Has to be one of the most versatile LED on the market.
And at $169 it won’t break the bank.
For a limited time when you buy a 6C you get Nanlite Pavotube mounting clip with mini ball head


PavoTube 15C
Perfect for location as well as the studio can be run off both battery and AC power. Fully charged battery will last up to 2 hours on 100% power. And at just over 75cm its still portable enough. The kits come complete with padded bags. It can be controlled remotely via the optional NNRC1 remote.  Prices start from $429
For a limited time when you buy a 15C single kit, you get Nanlite PavoTube  barndoor and grid set buy 15C twin kit and get a 6C PavoTube Single kit 


PavoTube 30C
At just under 120cm this is the big kahuna of the PavoTube range. Still with all the same features with so much more power. Like the 15C it can be run off battery over 2 hours at 100% power or run it off AC power.   You can easily sync settings via a wireless router or a simple sync cable.  Prices start from $599
For a limited time when you buy a 30C single kit, you get Nanlite PavoTube  barndoor and grid set buy 30C twin kit and get a 6C PavoTube Single kit  

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