Got a sluggish iMac? It could be time for an iMac upgrade

Over the past few months, Team Digital has had several queries re 3, 4, and 5-year-old iMacs slowing to the point where they’re virtually unusable, so we’re now offering an Apple iMac Upgrade service.

Some of these computers have been fitted with the basic 5400RPM hard drive not suitable for photo editing, becoming slower than they were on day one. Some of these units have had SSD drives installed which have been on their way out.

We have performed a number of upgrades which have not only given these computers a new lease on life but are at reasonable costs.

They will not out perform a new computer but this may be an option to eke out a little more life from an existing machine.

Replacement of HDD to 1TB SSD on 21.5″ iMac approx. $690 incl. GST

This includes Data Backup, Supply and Installation of SSD and Data Retrieval + Transfer onto the new drive.

We can also increase the SSD size… the price only varies by the cost of the SSD.

We also have the capability to upgrade SSD drives in any of the Mac Pro range and some of the MacBook / MacBook Pro range.

Please check with us as to whether or not we can give your older machine a rev up.