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Wacom Support: let Team Digital help you


Are you having issues with your Wacom tablet? Here’s some information and links that could help.

1) The first step should always be to update to the latest Wacom driver for your much-loved Wacom tablet.

Click here for the Wacom Driver Download Support page. You can also access manuals and warranty information from the main Support page, as well as a great interactive FAQ that may help sort out any issues without the need to contact Wacom Support.

2) If updating the driver doesn’t solve the issue, the next step is to lodge a Support Case with Wacom Australia.

You’ll have to provide some information about the tablet & it’s issue. If you need to provide proof of purchase, Team Digital can send a copy via email.

Your Wacom tablet will have a product code and serial number – both of these are typically noted on the underside or back of the tablet.

Please make sure you have tried the driver update before contacting Wacom Australia – they’ll likely insist you perform a series of basic troubleshooting steps to rule out a simple solution.

While Team Digital makes every effort to assist clients that have purchased Wacom products through us with post-sales support for clients, Wacom insists the above process is required for all support requests.

Team Digital always does it’s best to assist where possible with Wacom Support Cases.

Click here for Wacom Australia’s (Asia-Pacific region) Contact Support Page. You can call them or you can lodge an online form (located at the bottom of the Contact Support page).

We hope that this helps resolve any issues you might be experiencing with your much loved Wacom tablet.