Nanlite Lighting

Team Digital have sold and supported the range Nanlite LED Lighting since it was introduced to the Australian market some years ago. Nanlite is fast building a reputation as being the best-LED lighting on the market. Whether it’s the super-powerful Nanlux range through to the amazingly versatile Nanlite PavoTubes Team Digital has you covered.

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Team Digital has been supporting the Australia Imaging Industry for over 35 years now. Our Showroom is located at 5 Coolgardie Terrace Perth WA. If you cant make it into our showroom we also have an extensive list of Nanlite LED products on our website.

The Nanlite Pavotube range is as the name would suggest LED tubes. These are super versatile for all types of jobs or environments. You can simple dial in the colour or effect you want for your situation and you are good to go. You can now do this with your phone via Nanlink App. The extensive range has everything from the budget-priced Nanlite Pavotube T8 X7 through to the feature-packed Nanlite Pavotube X series.

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The Compac range consists of flat LED panels that come in all sizes. Whether you are working in small rooms where you cant use traditional softboxes and shapers. Or you just want a super simple LED that is ready to go without the need for diffusers. Either way, the Nanlite Compac will do the job.

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The Nanlite FS Series is a range AC power LED mono blocks suitable for Videography and Still photography alike. They come in a number of power output up to 330 watts with the FS-300. These LED are super simple to use and allow us to use all our favourite Shapers and Softboxes via the standard S mount ( Bowen mount) And they are extremely well priced.

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Now we come to the biggest of the Nanlite range of products. The Forza range is professional AC and Battery powered LED moonlights. They start with the super-compact Forza 60 series which has just had the addition of the Forza 60C a full-colour RGBLAC moonlight. Through to the new super powerful Forza 720/720B for when you need light. There are a number power options from 60,150,200,300,500,720. Again you can use all your favourite S mount softboxes and shapers.

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Then there is the NANLUX range. Nanlux is rapidly becoming an industry standard for professional Videographers. With either the massively powerful Evoke 1200 monoblock through to the fully-featured Dyna LED panels, Powerful and soft, with an ultra-wide beam angle, the super-strong Dyno Series 1200C and the compact 650C are quite simple, some of the brightest LED softlights available.

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We sell and support the range of Nanlite LED Lighting at our showroom at 5 Coolgardie Terrace Perth. We also offer education pricing for Schools Colleges and Universities.

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