Nanlite Pavotube T8-7X arriving soon

Our friends at Nanlite have been busy last night they released their new Pavotube T8-7X. These are Super Lightweight feature-packed Pavotube at an UNBELIEVABLE price more on that later.

Nanlite has kept the size and price down by limiting the external controls. Instead you use the Nanlink Phone app to give you full control over

CCT Mode : 2700K to 7500K
RGB : Full colour control
Effects : Police car, Fireworks ect
Pixel Effects : Rainbow and driving ect.

They come in one size 100cm and are super slim. With built-in battery that will run for just under 1 hour and 100% power. You can also plug in a battery bank via USB-C.   

As we were saying a full-featured Pavotube. Ok we mention an unbelievable price how about $145

for a single or $590 for a set of 4. Impressive and great value.

You can mount the Pavotube T8-7X via a 1/4 socket, they can also floor-standing and they are designed in an octagonal shape that lets you angle the beam.

Via an optional cable they DMX capable via a nifty USB-C to XLR

Ok, so what can we do with these new beasties. As with our experience with the other Nanlite Pavotube its more what you cant do with them. They are a perfect battery power portable light that will work in most situations for videography through to Photography.

Did we mention they are only $145 I guess we did?

The new Nanlite Pavotube T8-X7 will be arriving at Team Digital in April stay tuned for some fun posts with these guys. And there will be some Star Wars references we can’t resist.

Get your Pavotube here!

Heres just a little teaser on the Pavotube T8-7X form our friend at Nanlite.


Published March 17th, 2022.