Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion Blend B – 1L


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Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion is an inkjet coating solution that has been designed to allow printers the ability to create an inkjet print from any commercially available, traditional fine art paper. The final look and feel of the print can be tailored by blending together Creative Emulsion Blend A with Creative Emulsion Blend B.


  • Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion Blend B 1L
  • Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion is available with two types: Blend A and Blend B. The two emulsion have different coating characteristic
    • Blend A solution is able to inhibit the ink bleeding on the paper to increase colour density and sharpness of the image without affecting the texture and tint of paper
    • Blend B solution will give greater sharpness and density to the print
  • It is recommended to experiment with the two blends to create the desired look to inkjet print
  • Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion can be applied to many different kinds of papers, such as Washi papers, Rice Papers, Bamboo Papers, Cotton Papers and so on
  • Compatible with both pigment and dye inks
  • It is recommended to use a coating wire-bar to coat the Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion
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