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Description for Ilford GALLERY: Creative Emulsion

The ILFORD GALERIE Creative Emulsion is a water-based coating solution for the production of inkjet printing papers from uncoated art paper.
The inkjet receptor layer is applied manually and increases the maximum ink take-up amount as well as the scratch resistance of the printing substrate.
The maximum color density and the sharpness of the printout are thus increased.

Blend A prevents the ink from running on the paper, which improves the sharpness and color density of the image.

Blend B increases ink receptivity and scratch resistance. It also smoothes the surface and increases the white tone of the paper.

The emulsions can be used independently or together. So you can decide for yourself how the two emulsions are used to create different types of coatings that are exactly tailored to your needs.

The Creative Emulsion Trial Pack contains one bottle each of Emulsion A and B (250 ml each), one coater for each emulsion (25cm) and 4 measuring cups.

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