Ifootage Cobra 3 Carbon Fiber Flip Lock Pedal Monopod CB3 C180F-P


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The iFootage Cobra 3 Carbon Fiber Pedal Release Monopod with Mini Tripod Base is useful for capturing a variety of shots, from low to high angles. It can be used for action, sports, travel, wildlife, and concert photography, plus vlogging and more. This lightweight, 4-section carbon fiber monopod features flip-lock joints, and has a maximum height of 71.3″. The top of the monopod features a quick disconnect collar system that can be unlocked and locked in less than a second.

The CB3 C180F-P Cobra 3 features a swiveling, folding base that adds stability and makes it easy to follow a subject while capturing video. Fold the legs up to expose the rubber foot and use the monopod without the swiveling base. The base is removable and converts to a mini tripod for macro or tabletop photography. It features the same quick disconnect collar system as the monopod and has a locking pedal to quickly adjust the swivel angle while standing.

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Weight2.964 kg
Dimensions13 × 76 × 12 cm