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The Rock Solid Tripod Roller gives wheels to most any tripod and offers mobility for Tether Table Laptop workstations, monitors, tablets, cameras and other production gear. Its universal foot attachments securely hold most all tripods. The extendable leg bases feature easy-to-turn knurled tightening knobs to quickly secure each tripod leg in the dolly. Once secured, the tripod is easy to level and adjust. Simply loosen the dolly extensions and spread to the exact desired tripod height. Lock the dolly legs in place and tighten each tripod leg. The legs lock in place when extended for extra security.

Each leg has large 7.62cm rubber-cushioned glide wheels with foot locks. The larger wheels and dense rubber make for smooth rolling motion and less impact from bumps or uneven floors. Easy foot locks on each wheel make it simple to secure in place and the locks release with a tap of the toe.

With typical tripods, the height of the tripod head can range from 87cm to 118.1cm from the floor. All ranges in between can be achieved. Height dependent on tripod leg, neck and ballhead/panhandle.

The Rock Solid Tripod Dolly folds very compact and is easy to carry with its built-in handle. The included travel storage case has an adjustable shoulder strap for transport. Also included a velcro strap for additional security when transporting.

Suggested Uses:

  • Turn any stationary tripod into a wheeled system. Adds great mobility to a Tether Table Aero workstation, AeroTab Universal Tablet workstation or Local Vu / Go Vu Monitor Mounts.
  • Ideal for mounting a DSLR or video camera for video work.

Product Specifications:

  • Easy-to-turn knurled tightening screws secure each tripod leg in the dolly.
  • Expandable base legs extend from the centre between 27.3cm – 38.7cm
  • Total wingspan ranges from to 58.4cm – 78.7cm
  • Height of typical tripod, installed can range from 87cm to 118.1cm
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 15kg
  • Size when folded: 450mm 
  • Weight: 1815g 
  • Compatible with most tripod legs and feet 
  • Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty
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