ARRI EB MAX 2.5/4, ALF CCL DMX AutoScan, 50/60/75/300/1000 Hz International (VEAM), 115/230 V~ Bare Ends


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Designed for ARRI True Blue, M-Series, and Compact/Theater lamp heads, the EB MAX 2.5/4K High-Speed Electronic Ballast will safely power these fixtures while also providing numerous advanced performance features. It offers AutoScan for optimizing light quality, even when working at frequencies up to 1200 Hz. Other built-in features include an Active Line Filter and Compensation of Cable Losses, ensuring that light quality is consistent and the power supplied is appropriate, even over longer distances. DMX control from a console is provided as well, allowing for remote dimming from 50 to 100%, on/off controls, and the ability to adjust the operation mode and frequency. Additionally, the ballast has a low-frequency setting for minimizing noise and an array of LED status indicators for quickly viewing settings.

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