ARRI EB MAX 6/9, ALF CCL DMX AutoScan, 50/60/75/300/1000 Hz International (VEAM), 230 V~ Bare Ends


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The ARRI EB MAX 6/9 Ballast is intended for use with select ARRI lamp heads. This ballast has ALF (Active Line Filter), which provides a higher power factor resulting in more efficient power use. This is accomplished by shifting the voltage and current waveforms in phase and minimizing harmonics and spikes. ALF also minimizes the current carried back on the neutral leg of the power systems. Cable Loss Compensation, which prevents power loss in head-to-ballast cables up to 300′ long, is also featured. The ballast has a low-noise switch and a power factor of 0.98.

This ballast has substantial DMX control. In addition to On/Off and dimming, both operation mode and frequency can be controlled remotely. For ease of use, indicators on the ballast’s front panel display the lamp wattage, DMX channel, operation mode, and selected lamp frequency. High speed shooters will appreciate features such as Active Line Filter (ALF), and AutoScan, ensuring optimum light and image quality for high-speed recordings up to 1000 fps.

  • Cable Loss Compensation prevents power loss in head-to-ballast cables up to 300′ long
  • Active Line Filter (ALF) increases power efficiency
  • DMX 512 for precision remote control
  • Low-noise switch

Additional Features

  • Automatic Lamp Recognition
  • Automatic Lamphead Recognition
  • Dimming
  • AutoScan


  • M-Series M90
  • Daylight 6000
  • Compact 6000
  • ARRISUN 6000
  • X60
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