ARRI ARRIMAX 18/12 MAN blue/silver International (VEAM)


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Available on back-order

The design of the Arrimax 18/12Kw HMI PAR fixture provides an optimum choice for productions requiring maximum light output. Combining the variable beam spread of a Fresnel and the light output of a PAR, the Arrimax uses a unique reflector concept for beam control which eliminates the need for spread lenses.

The optical system with its 580mm (22.8″) diameter specular, flatted reflector is adjustable and provides continuous focus from 15 – 50°. Because the Arrimax does not require a set of spread lenses, the shadow quality is sharper and easily cut.

Although exact specifications are not available, this fixture will provide well over 3,000 footcandles from a distance of 100′, when fitted with a 12,000 watt HMI lamp.

50% brighter than a 12kW PAR.

Optional Light Shapers
Optional accessories are barndoors, 29″ diameter scrims and a motorized stirrup.

Hanging or Stand Mount
Aluminum yoke mounts to a Junior (1-1/8″) socket.

Sturdy, Sure Lamp Mount
A sturdy, locking GX51 lamp base alleviates mechanical stress from the lamp pins. GX38 lamp bases may also be used.

Optional Electronic Ballast
A flicker-free 12-18kW electronic, dimming ballast is available separately.

Extra Touches
Illuminated On/Off Switch, hour use counter.

Interlock micro-switch on front door for safely disconnecting all power-load connections.
Protective class I, protective rate IP 23.
Arri eXtreme cooling system

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