ARRI M90 MAN blue/silver International (VEAM)


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Available on back-order

With power that positions it between the M40 and the ARRIMAX 18/12, the M90 HMI Lamp Head from ARRI employs faceted MAX Reflector Technology that focuses from 15 to 49 degrees, combining the best qualities of a Fresnel and PAR fixture to produce an output similar to a 12,000W light from a 9,000W lamp. The IP23 weather-resistant M90 ships with a yoke with a 1-1/8″ Junior mounting pin. Tilt lock levers on both sides of the light firmly secure the weighty 88 lb fixture.

The M90 requires a ballast for use and 2 are available. Both units employ CCL (Compensation of Cable Losses) to maintain power with long cable runs independent of their length. They also feature a power-saving Active Line Filter (ALF) and built-in DMX for remote operation from a console. The standard EB 6/9 operates at 50, 60 and 75 Hz while the 1000 Hz high speed version allows up to 1,000 flicker-free frames per second.

  • 5-Year extended warranty
  • Light output nearly matches a 12K PAR (with lens)
  • As small and lightweight as a 6K PAR
  • Can also be used with 6,000W (120V nominal) lamps and ballasts
  • Tilt locks on both sides support heavy accessories
  • Easy maintenance
  • Weather resistant IP23
  • Suitable for high frame rate images
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Weight38 kg
Dimensions82 × 92 × 79 cm