Nanlite Compac 24B Colour adjustable LED soft panel twin kit with Desktop Stands


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$264.33 inc GST

Available on back-order

The Nanlite Compac 24B Adjustable Bi-Color Soft Light LED Panel 2-Light Desktop Kit features two LED 7 x 3 x 12″ light panels. Each light is equipped with an extendable, weighted-base desktop stand. The lights run on universal voltage, are dimmable, and have variable color.

• Slim profile with impressive brightness
• For livestreaming, vlogging, video calls, product photography, social media shoots, and more
• Two fixtures for lighting two people, or one person with key-light and fill-light effects
• Rear controls for dialing in brightness from 0-100% or color temperature from warm to cold
• Space-saving weighted bases with extendable, telescoping shafts
• High-efficiency LEDs provide up to 2006 lumens (690 lux at 3.3′ and 5600K)

Weight3 kg
Dimensions0.19 × 0.18 × 0.45 cm