Nanlite Mixpad II 27 Adjustable Bicolor Tunable RGB Dimmable Hard and Soft Light LED Panel


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All the colours of the rainbow in a light and powerful LED panel

The innovative NanLite MixPad II series LED panels very cleverly features three LED light sources in one light fixture. You can choose the more “traditional” multi-LED source, which will produce a harder light; or choose the surface mount (SMD) LEDs that will provide a softer light, as well as Red, Green and Blue LEDs which can be mixed however you like to create a range of more than 360 colours – all at the simple touch of a button. With built-in Bluetooth, this RGB panel can also be controlled with the Nanlink WS-RC-C2 wireless remote. 

This product allows you to cut down on the accessories needed to create all the main lighting effects – hard lighting with more throw, soft diffused lighting for those flattering portraits, and up-close work or coloured light for bringing the mood and emotion you want to your set up.

Use it to create background colours or add interesting hues and highlights by aiming the RGB light onto a plain white wall or canvas. This would be useful for portrait photography as well as music videos, short films or any video production.

The MixPad II 27 can be mounted directly on any standard light stand and is supplied with a standard 5/8″ receiver mount.

The NanLite MixPad II 27 is ideal for use in the studio or on location to achieve beautiful, studio-quality results without the use of plastic filters or cloth diffusion. Control knobs enable you to dial in brightness from 0-100%, temperature from warm to cold (2700K-6500K) and hue when in RGB mode.

Adding to its versatility, you can choose from multiple power source options including the AC adapter or compatible Sony NP-F style batteries (sold separately) and it also features a built-in battery level indicator.

It is easy to see the colour temperature, brightness level and hue information, and make precision adjustments which means you can take note of the settings and then recreate your lighting set up in future if you need to. A rear-facing LCD makes this very easy to operate.

Unit Includes:
1 x RGB LED Panel x1
1 x AC adaptor


Power Consumption: 36W
Power input: Can accept 12V-24V. Includes 15V 2.4A AC adaptor
Sony NP-FM, NP-F series Lithium battery
CRI:Ra:95 average
TLCI 98 average
CCT Color temperature: 2700K-6500K
HSI/RGB colour 360 Hues x 100 Saturations
Firmware upgradeable via USB
Size: 57*348*322mm
Weight: 1350g