Nanlite 1200SA LED Daylight 5600K panel with Wifi control


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Available on back-order

When setting up a studio, or even location lighting, often the light output is the first thing to consider. The saying is that it’s better to have too much light than not enough. With this in mind, the Nanlite 1200SA LED continuous light is definitely one to consider. Putting out an impressive 8200 Lumens of flicker-free, 5600k light, the 1200SA from Nanlite is a product built for professionals. TV camera operators and filmmakers will love the ability to power the light via the Sony V-Lock buckle on the back of the panel making the light easy to take with you when you don’t have access to mains power.

The LG1200SC panel comes with a range of modifiers and colour gels (soft, super soft, magenta and tungsten). Using gels to change the colour of the light means that the output is not compromised for colour adjustability. Panels that have a mix of 3200k and 5600k diodes will always put out less light than a panel that has all diodes dedicated to one colour. As with all Nanlite products the build quality and finish is exceptional. An all-metal mounting bracket provides a sturdy mount to any light stand. The bracket is also offset forwards slightly to accommodate for the extra weight when using a V-Lock battery to power the unit. Barn doors are also provided to help control the light making this LG1200SC Nanlite LED panel a well designed, well-made product that’s sure to last years of commercial use.

Control brightness via the Ledgo A30 WiFi Control Box and App. You can save presets for different scene setups and easily return to the scene when required.

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