Jinbei HD610PRO TTL Battery Flash 600ws with HSS and Fast flash duration.


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Power, faster Speed and a newly designed Battery. Features of the new and upgraded Jinbei HD610PRO.

Jinbei HD610PRO TTL is the newly upgraded king of portable battery monoblocs. Jinbei has now made portable photography with a full-powered flash at 1/3 the cost of some other products.

In 2013 Jinbei was one of the first manufacturers to release a battery flash monobloc with the HD600. Now they have added to the range with the flagship HD610PRO, a portable battery flash head that is INDUSTRY BEST, with no compromise in manufacture, features or functionality.

  • The HD610 will TTL meter for fast and accurate shooting. When speed is of the essence.
  • Full manual control with 9 stops of power adjustment, down to 0.9 watt-seconds for amazing finesse with your lighting.
  • Shallow depth of field on the brightest day is enabled by 1/8500 of a second flash sync.
  • Relegate the sun to “fill” status with 600ws to make the HD610PRO your main light in sunlight.
  • Freeze action for your fashion or tech shoot, with 1/19,000 of a second flash duration in Freeze mode.
  • Shoot for twice as long as others with 6000mAh battery capacity.
  • 25 watt LED modelling lamp that is efficient and as powerful as a 100 watt equivalent tungsten output.
  • Group control via the Jinbei TR-Q7 wireless remote for Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, Panasonic, and Olympus, all in one trigger. The TR-Q7 trigger is available separately.
  • You can also control the Jinbei Mars3, Jinbei HD400Pro, Jinbei MSN mains power flashes at the same time, allowing you to mix and match models to create a main and fill light, or a complex multi-light studio setup.
  • Shoot in RT mode to control the HD610PRO and Canon Speedlights at the same time!
  • Nikon iTTL and Canon eTTL for Canon users, with front or rear curtain sync.
  • Bowens S mount for a huge range of light modifiers.
  • Firmware upgradeable.

Upgrades from the original HD610:

  • Faster recycle time from 0.05 to 0.9
  • 500 full power pops in a newly designed battery
  • Improved flash durations up to 1/8500th and 1/20000 in freeze mode
  • More powerful modelling light 25W
  • New reflector with built-in Magnetic gel holder
  • Improved large tilt adjustment handle


  • Powerful 600Ws (guide N0. 80M, ISO 100, standard reflector).
  • Fan cooled (auto).
  • 25W LED modelling light (100W tungsten equivalent, 3200K) with double layer insulation glass and aluminium alloy radiation fins.
  • Bowens S-type accessory mount.
  • Removable 14.8V / 6000mAh lithium-ion battery.
  • Over 500 full power flashes per battery charge.
  • 0.05 to 0.9 seconds recycle time.
  • Built in TTL supporting wireless sync control; high speed with E/I TTL.
  • Flash Modes TTL / M / Multi.
  • HSS to 1/8500th.
  • First curtain sync, second curtain sync.
  • Exposure compensation.
  • Bracketing AE-lock exposure.
  • Auto exposure.
  • Manual flash 1/256 to 1/1 output (1/10th increments, 9 stop range).
  • Long flash duration mode down to 1/32 power.
  • Short flash duration (freeze Mode) 1/1000s – 1/20000s.
  • Normal flash: 1/1000s – 1/8500s.
  • Jinbei 2.4GHz radio receiver built-in.
  • ETTL & ITTL radio slave modes.
  • Range 300m + with TR-611 / TR-612 or TRQ6 or TRQ7 as transmitter.
  • Groups: A / B / C / D / E / F.
  • 16 Channels, 00-15.
  • Supports Legacy TRS-V / TR-A6 trigger system (may be limited function).
  • Supports Legacy TRS, TRS-V trigger system (may be limited function).
  • Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji flash slave control.
  • Large color dot matrix LCD display.
  • Custom functions.
  • Auto memory function.
  • Mini USB port for firmware upgrades.
  • 3.5mm sync port.
  • Smaller than predecessor HD600, at only 120mm dia x 250mm.
  • Power on time: 1.5s.
  • Fuse: 30A
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