Jinbei 2m Compact Folding Travel Light Stand


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Jinbei 2m Compact Folding Light Stand JB2000A

Jinbei's 2 meter compact folding light stand is ideal for photographers and videographers who are on the move. The unique design allows the stand's supporting legs to fold back against the main section of the stand when being transported or stored. The stand folds up to a tiny 490mm yet can extend to just over 2 meters in height. The JB2000A compact folding light stand from Jinbei is perfect for supporting compact lighting equipment like small LED panels and speed lights. With fast easy set up, this stand is a great addition to anyone who shoots food for restaurants, corporate headshots, real estate, interviews and heaps more. 
The JB2000A folding light stand is constructed from aluminum, which is lightweight and very strong. The footprint of the stand can be easily increased for extra stability by positioning them flat against the ground (at right angles to the main shaft of the stand). This lowers the centre of gravity of the entire stand, reducing the chance of it toppling without losing much height at all. 

Jinbei make a huge range of professional lighting and light-modifying products for the enthusiast and professional photographer. 


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