Jinbei M6 2-in-1 Steel Boom Stand with Casters


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Available on back-order

This Jinbei M6 2-in-1 Steel Boom Stand with Casters is designed for supporting lights with large modifiers attached, and large studio lights.
This is a Convertible Light Stand with Self-Telescoping Boom Arm. It first appears as a light stand. However the first two sections can be pulled out and turned around to form a lighting boom. Booms enable you to mount the lighting and reflectors in all angles and directions, giving you ultimate flexibility and endless options when shaping your light.


  • height range (as a light stand): 165-398cm
  • height range (as a boom, horizontally): 135-235cm
load capacity: 10kg
  • big rubber wheels with brakes and adjustable position
2-section boom 180cm long with ø16mm pin for standard sized lights
  • one leg with adjustable length
  • boom foldable into central column
  • weight: 18kg
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Weight18 kg
Dimensions20 × 180 × 20 cm